Affiliated Institute

Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority (ERPA)

The Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority (ERPA) was established in December 2001 by the Radiation Protection Proclamation No. 79/2001 and by the revised new Proclamation No. 571/2008. The Authority is mandated to control and regulate the import, export, use, transport, dispose of, etc any source of radiation. Moreover, anyone who intends to practice any activities using radiation sources need to notify the Authority earlier and shall get a license to practice. During notification the Authority provides specific regulatory control requirements required for the type of application.

Technology and Innovation Institute(Tech in)

The Technology and Innovation Institute has been established as per the Regulation No. 1097/2018. The Institute is mandated with the following duties and responsibilities: 1. Build innovation and technology research infrastructures 2. Making those service provider and manufacturing organizations prioritized by government to base their day to day operations on innovation and technology 3. collecting, organizing, storing, and analyzing information that can be an input to the innovation and technology research and development initiatives 4. encouraging and coordinating innovation and technology researches in new and emerging technology area

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